Dr. Jenny Tran-Johnson

Interim Registrar

Jenny’s Favorite LEAD memory:

Exploring ethical leadership through the lens of the Harry Potter series.  Through this LEAD elective we not only brought the concepts of ethical leadership to life, but it also gave us a stronger appreciation for the complexity of the series and the characters we  love.



Courses Taught:


Jenny's Teaching



Fun Fact:

Jenny earned her B.A. in Biology from Drake University, her M.A. in Leadership in Student Affairs from the University of St. Thomas and Ph.D. in Education from Drake University.

Jenny’s favorite class is LEAD 001, but also teaches LEAD 060, 110, 190, and LEAD 199: Ethical Leadership in the Wizarding World

“My teaching philosophy is to engage students in the learning process by creating a welcoming and open classroom environment where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas, questions, and concerns, and helping students connect how our course content contributes to their development as student leaders and life-long learners.”

Research Focus: 
Research focuses on the impact of advising and mentoring on student success, college student development, and the impact of college on student success. 

I enjoy good books and TV shows, musical theatre, and all things Harry Potter.