LEAD 190-Capstone


This is the capstone leadership experience in the Concentration in Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). Students will be actively engaged in an action oriented, service learning project to create a meaningful change with the goal to create a better community for oneself and others. The student(s) will team with a community partner in a profit or not-for-profit organization to define and implement a change initiative. The student(s) and faculty will meet weekly on-campus or via Skype to discuss the experiences and learning occurring during the practicum as it unfolds. The student will complete assignments and the experience will be documented in a reflective Leadership Development Journal (LDJ). The LDJ is an on-line, interactive reflective journal that the students will complete during the experience with reaction and interaction with the faculty member teaching the class. This course requires the student(s) to reflect upon and put into practice what they have learned by integrating the program each fall and/or spring term for students to present their experiences and learning. This will be attended by Concentration students, faculty and interested parties.