LEAD is made up of people from every background and major, leadership isn’t for one group of people. we need people who understand quality leadership in every work force!

My growth in LEAD has centered around becoming a leader in difficult situations. The Drake program is unique in that it helps you develop leadership skills in the areas that are hardest for you individually.
— Grace M, Class of 2019

Student Testimonials:

The skills I have gained as a LEAD graduate will carry me beyond graduation as I have the confidence to take on any big project that comes my way. I know without the concentration, I would be more hesitant to reach out and take charge on such projects. I am forever grateful for the LEAD concentration and am excited to see what the future LEAD students bring to Drake’s campus and the local community.
— Austin Brands, Class of 2019
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Everything you learn in LEAD translates so seamlessly into the workforce. In my professional life, I am constantly working to bring out those qualities I discovered through LEAD. I have confidence in my newfound strengths and work to the best of my ability to continue emulating those in my life and career. There was truly no other major, minor, concentration or club that gave me the kind of community and learning experience that LEAD gave me.
— Jackie W, Class of 2017

“Surround yourself with those who lift you up and expect the best from you. It is only then when you will become the best version of yourself.”
— Xavier L, Class of 2020
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I look the LEAD Elective, Public Speaking Skills, thinking that it would be an easy A class. Despite having years of professional training, Mr. Amato pushed me outside of my comfort zone to learn several new skills. I was definitely hesitant, but he had trust in me and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. If it wasn’t for Mr. Amato, and other LEAD faculty members, then I wouldn’t have been able to confidently execute presentations for my summer internship, in particular in front of the company’s leaders, including CFO and COO. “
— Katie O, Class of 2019