Traveling With LEAD

Tanzania- Summer 2016

International Capstone

Students enrolled in the LEAD concentration are given the opportunity to travel abroad for a LEAD Internship or to complete their LEAD Capstone. LEAD began a partnership with International Studies Abroad In the Summer of 2018 to offer many different international opportunities for students in the concentration. Students are able to travel to 1 of 11 different international options and complete either 3 or 6 credit hours. We believe that for students to be able to change the world, they must first have experienced the world. If accepted, cost depends on area of travel and length of stay. For more information, contact Tom and or Chad. 

We visited a few separate Maasai tribes, which are tribes that live off the land and their livestock, and they were telling us a little about their way of life and how hard it was for them to even retrieve water, but yet they served us water, tea and fruit. The kindness astounded me. From a leadership perspective, I am a true believe that if I want to change the world, I need to first experience the world. Being a change agent requires me to work with people instead of unto people, so this trip gave me the chance to work with the community members of Same and help bring change that was important to them.
— Emily L, Tanzania Summer 2016

LEAD @ Sea

LEAD @ Sea is a J-term class offered to all students on campus. Preference goes to declared LEAD students, Adams Academy alum and then by year in school. LEAD @ Sea consists of a week on campus learning leadership theories, completing personality profiles and Bahamian history. The next week of the trip consists of a week in Nassau, Bahamas meeting with government officials, the students at the University of the Bahamas and taking in the culture of the island. The last week students will be aboard the Liberty Clipper, a Tall Ship, and sail to the islands of the Bahamas. Students will gain valuable skills in leadership, teamwork and communication during their time aboard the Liberty Clipper and in the LEAD @ Sea class. If accepted, cost varies depending on number of students and year.  For more information, contact Tom and or Chad.

The experience of being thrown into a new setting (AKA a sailboat in the middle of the Bahamas), where I was uncomfortable and unsure, forced me to grow. I loved the process of bonding as a team and learning a new skill. Of course, jumping off the bow, snorkeling under caves, and enjoying a bonfire on the beach wasn’t too bad either.
— Anne K, Graduate of 2016


Each year students at Drake are given the opportunity to apply for a trip to the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This opportunity gives students a unique experience to learn about leadership in the times of Civil War and in present day. Students will be given the chance to visit the battlegrounds and be taught the history behind the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. Along with that, students will participate in leadership exercises and presentations to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge. It is a great opportunity for Drake Students to become better leaders!

I would highly recommend this trip for students in any major. Gettysburg was an opportunity like no other to learn about leadership through a new lens. Emerging leaders and experienced leaders alike can benefit from this program because it allows for a journey of self-discovery.
— Kaitlin B, PharmD Candidate 2020
Gettysburg is an incredible experience! Over the course of the 3 or 4 days we studied various aspects of the battle of Gettysburg while specifically delving into the leader behind the major decisions that led up to the infamous battle. Not only did we study this history, but we were able to take trips into the actual battle site which brought what we were studying to life. I highly recommend taking advantage of this incredible opportunity!”
— Ellie S, Class of 2020