I’m seeing this now as I’m entering the “real” world and navigating being an adult. Everything you learn in LEAD translates so seamlessly into the workforce.
— Jackie W, Class of 2017

Our Mission for our LEADers

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LEAD graduates will make significant contributions to Drake and their current and future communities of involvement by exemplifying ethical leadership. LEAD graduates will:

  1. Know thyself and personify the leader-related knowledge, experience and language gained by the depth and breadth coverage of the LEAD Concentration (traditional and experiential classes).

  2. Exhibit the confidence, a competence, and character needed to lead individuals, teams, organizations, and communities for positive social change.

  3. Understand and practice leadership as a collaborative, inclusive, and ethical process.

  4. Typify, model, and teach the skills needed to convene, reflect, inquire, collaborate, empower, and act to improve life for students, citizens, and the larger society.

  5. Exhibit the capacity to understand and work effectively with diverse individuals on-campus and throughout the world.

  6. Be able to lead successfully through conflict with civility.